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The Compass CPA System

You know that feeling you get when you just have something down and have complete confidence in your system? Over at Compass CPA, that’s how we feel with our Match, Stack, Drive system. You will quickly see that each step along the way is soundly thought out and thorough, allowing you to join us in that feeling of having complete confidence in the system.



  • Your needs

  • Your budget

  • Your schedule

  • Your goals


  • Your team

  • Your systems

  • Your tools

  • Your reports


  • Results

  • Outcomes

  • Action

  • Accountability

  • Growth

Let’s break down exactly what we mean when we’re talking about our Match, Stack, Drive system.


It all begins with matching your needs, goals, and budget with a service package that is tailored to your business. In order for us to do what we do so well, we put a lot of time into the engagement setting and onboarding experiences.


The process begins with a questionnaire to help determine if we’re a good match for you. The questionnaire is available to the public to submit along with scheduling a free consultation. Typically, this is what we seek to cover in our free consultation if not completed already, so if you have completed this you can take more advantage of the free consultation by skipping over the familiarities.

The next step in the matching process is formulating an agreement and monthly fee based upon your exact needs and budget. We use a defined pricing calculator that matches your size, your needs, and your budget with a flat monthly fee. After all, everyone likes to know their prices up front. Now we’re all matched up!


Next, it’s time to stack ‘em up! This is where the fun really begins. First, we’ll stack you with a full team strategically built around your service level. We assign specialists for each tier of service you’re matched with. For example, let’s say a client becomes a Virtual Controller client with payroll, bill pay, and tax services too. In this case, we would stack you with a Controller who would be your main contact, an accountant, and a tax expert. The main objective we seek by stacking you with a team is to achieve integration with your business and provide you with a full support team. By stacking you with a specialized and dedicated team, you will feel like we are truly part of your core team and integrated with the infrastructure and goals of your company.


Once you’re matched and stacked with your team, we’ll implement your technology stack. Perhaps you already have systems in place and you’d prefer not to change. That’s absolutely fine. We have experience with many accounting and payroll technologies, including but not limited to Netsuite, ADP, Xero, Sage, and many more. Our main theme along each step of our system is integration. We will spend this time not only focused on integrating our own technology, but we all onboard our team onto your own business systems whether that’s a CRM, a project management tool, or another business technology.














Now that we’ve integrated teams and technology, now we’ll build your stack of tools and reports. All our business services include a standard monthly set of financial statements with a verbal & written summary report highlighting key performance and financial analysis data. Depending on your level of service, there is much more we’ll stack you with to help guide your company to your goals, including KPI dashboards, project proformas, budget vs actual reports, long-term forecasts, inventory trackers, and other custom reports or tools tailored to your business needs.


The final part of our system is Drive. Beginning with the onboarding process, we’ll steer the ship through a detailed and thorough onboarding experience. Through this experience, we seek to achieve maximum integration with your business and your team so that your goals and ambitions become our own. We accomplish this by creating clear timing expectations, routine meetings, goal setting, and aligning on how we will effectively communicate together.


No matter what level of service you agree to, we drive expected results and outcomes. If you’re a Virtual Bookkeeper client, this might mean your books are always current and that you’re receiving a standard reporting package routinely so that at the end of the year your company’s financials are ready to hand over to the tax team. If you’re a Virtual Controller or CFO client, then the outcomes and expectations have more of a proactive nature. You will see that your back-end office functions are automated, your management team is armed with useful tools to provide them with the insights they need to make key strategic decisions, and you are happy with the path of your company.


With our higher level services like the Virtual CFO, you will find huge value in how we drive action and accountability. We understand that there is a bridge between goals and success, the execution. We work closely with you and your management team to assist in the strategy setting, implementation, and follow through. Meeting with us weekly to review new insights & reports, check the status of current goals, assign new action items, and create new goals will give even owners a sense of accountability. You will be fully supported on the highest level of executive decision making with your trusted Virtual CFO. Even with our other service packages, you will see that we create an accountable relationship that increases productivity and helps drive growth.

Compass CPA, PC conducts its business services with one consistent model: Match, Stack, Drive. Not only are we confident but we are also proud of how well this system works with all our clients.



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